"In order to journey back to our true selves, we must gain an understanding of the journey we have been on."



Award winning author Sue Jones trains and mentors individuals, inspires groups in workshops and as a public speaker, and consults within organizations and agencies to create a shift in culture. Sue believes that all sustainable change starts with individuals, spreads through relationship and is founded in a fundamental practice of self-acceptance and compassion. Her work has spanned the globe, empowering people across the U.S., Haiti, Tehran, Iran, Kenya, and in 2020 Rwanda.
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Sue's  presence is brave, wise, and commanding as she carries audiences down an inspired path of discovery. Her innovative theory and methodology (TIMBo) cuts straight to the heart, laying out accessible and embodied steps toward transformation and empowerment.


In need of more substantial support?  One-on-one

mentoring with Sue might be

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     Sue's gentle and supportive approach helps individuals discover their own wisdom through her path to healing

that has helped thousands of

women across the globe.

     Communicate in person, through  phone and FaceTime and over text. Sue's support will help launch a new you and a

new life.



Sue's award winning book, There is Nothing to Fix, is a beautifully intentional narrative of how the wounds of trauma divert our development and create the vulnerabilities which so often lead to re-traumatization, especially in intimate relationships where those wounds are so accessible. 


"Comprehensive, humane, and inspiring, this is a gem of a book.”


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