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"This is truly a remarkable and compelling work of nonfiction that focuses on trauma. The title, "There is Nothing to Fix" implies that people with such disorders do not need to be "fixed" because they are who they are. The book excels at removing stigmatization associated with people with such mental health conditions. It also advocates the notion that "normal" people should really help the ones struggling with disabilities. This book is simply astounding!"


—Nonfiction Athors Association

At Least I Was LovedChapter 1
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It’s the summer of 1972, and six-year-old Suzie and her siblings are whisked away from their home in the middle of the night, never to return again. Hurricane Agnes has triggered a devastating flood that destroys the family home and business. Suzie and her family are then set on an exhausting yet exhilarating four-year journey to build back their lives.

Suzie bounces from one quirky family member to the next before she and her family settle into a government-provided trailer for the next two years. When Suzie and her family meet a community of kids and their free-thinking parents living in the other trailers, their lives are changed forever.

This tale of loss, love, and discovery, told through the eyes of a child, is at times laugh-out-loud funny and at others deeply poignant. Chock-full of 1970s nostalgia, Suzie’s story is a delightful trip down memory lane for those who lived through the decade and a vibrant illustration of life in the 70s for those who did not.

From the Flood teaches us that even the most difficult life circumstances provide unexpected gifts.
From the Flood Chapter 7
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"As a parent during the pandemic, From the Flood’s focus on living in the moment, the joys of friendship and healing power of connection is a huge reminder that the worst of times for an adult can be the best of times for a child. This book is an important lesson about trauma and resilience. The voice of Suzanne’s childhood-self as the narrator is perfect. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read this gem - it’s the perfect book to remind us of what’s important right now." —Charlotte Dixon MFA, EdD

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