There is Nothing to FixChapter 15: Why Healing Hurts
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“There is Nothing to Fix, demands that we shift from a focus on trauma to engaging in the process of healing. Self-empowering and grounded in the blended wisdom of experience and science it is a roadmap that recognizes the power of the individual to change the relationship they have with themselves as a pathway to happiness.”


Jeannette Pai-Espinosa, President - National Crittenton


Winner of the Wishing Shelf

Book Awards Bronze Medal

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Sue's first book, There is Nothing to Fix :Becoming Whole Through Radical Self-Acceptance, is a beautifully intentional narrative of how the wounds of trauma divert our development and create the vulnerabilities which so often lead to re-traumatization, especially in intimate relationships where those wounds are so accessible. 

     Through her own story, Sue Jones carries the reader down a path of discovery in which they can find themselves and the parallels to their own stories. 

     There is Nothing to Fix, highlights in very tangible ways how to heal and find connection, clearly emphasizing what Trauma-Informed Care systems everywhere are realizing ….that it is only through safe, compassionate and healing relationships, that recovery and restoration can truly happen.

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