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Gold Medal Winner of the Nonfiction Authors Association 2022 Book Awards!
From the FloodAudiobook Sample
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Trauma recovery specialist Jones (There Is Nothing To Fix) shines in this first-rate memoir chronicling a life defined by a hurricane. With sparkling prose and a fine eye for detail, Jones easily pulls readers into her engaging narrative.

Jones recounts her new circumstances with a child’s frankness, eschewing pity for herself or her siblings, and her descriptions alternate between laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreakingly sad. Her writing beautifully defines a family making the best of lemonades out of tragic, sour lemons. Readers who love coming-of-age stories will devour Jones’s moving and well-paced memoir.

—Booklife for Publisher's Weekly Review

At Least I Was LovedChapter 1
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"This is truly a remarkable and compelling work of nonfiction that focuses on trauma. The title, "There is Nothing to Fix" implies that people with such disorders do not need to be "fixed" because they are who they are. The book excels at removing stigmatization associated with people with such mental health conditions. It also advocates the notion that "normal" people should really help the ones struggling with disabilities. This book is simply astounding!"


—Nonfiction Athors Association

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