Hurt People Hurt People

In recent news, the Dominican author Junot Diaz wrote a deeply resonant account of his childhood rape and the lifelong effect the trauma had on his thoughts, actions, behaviors, world view, and sense of identity. Not surprisingly, an immediate reaction from many women whom he has hurt came forth. And I presume that many more who have felt hurt by him are remaining silent. Following that, a Facebook friend and internationally known yoga therapist suggested that, the fact that Mr. Diaz admitted to hurting people is not not equivalent to taking responsibility for his specific actions. Actions which it seems spanned decades and remained unspoken until now. And while I am an advocate for women an

Not Saying No, Does Not Mean Yes

It was ten years ago. She was 27 and he was 60. He was a powerful man who could advance her career, and she was willing to meet with him in the hopes that a professional opportunity would materialize. She was not even remotely attracted to him. Still, she agreed to join him for dinner in his hotel room, hoping that this small sacrifice might yield a greater success for her future. As the evening wore on, she excused herself to use the restroom, feeling relieved that the dinner was almost over. But when she re-emerged and was faced with the realization that he expected much more more than dinner, she felt obligated to follow through with it. Her immediate thought was, “What have I gotten myse