Trump's Legacy of Trauma

Nora is 4 years old. She and her family have traveled to the United States seeking asylum. It has been a long and difficult journey, but with her mother keeping her close, she trusts that she will be safe. When she arrives at the border with her family, she is taken from her mother and other relatives. Suddenly she is scared, helpless, alone, confused and most traumatic, she is no longer with the one person who can make her feel safe in mind, body, and spirit—her mother. Her little nervous system kicks into full sympathetic response (fight, flight, freeze) and she becomes hyper aroused and alert. Though she doesn’t know it, this experience is forming a memory in her body—and as of this momen

No Longer and Not Yet

Through my life I have had more than one experience that has brought me to my knees. Like many people, I have had sudden and unexpected changes that shifted the course of my life — but not before leaving me in a place of the complete unknown. A helpless place, that I call the place of “No Longer and Not Yet.” It is a very uncomfortable place. We’ve all experienced times like this. A divorce, losing your home to a fire or disaster, the sudden loss of a job, or even relocating to a new state can leave us feeling the absence of what was known and comfortable, yet not yet knowing what is to be. It’s like a dark chasm of uncertainty; and it takes patience, trust, and faith. But of all the times i